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Success Story - Alfie

EPA Success Story sfs.jpg

What was the best part of being an apprentice?

Best part about being an apprentice is that you're constantly gaining work experience being on site and meeting new people, whilst getting taught first-hand what to do in the particular trade by your peers or colleagues. Also, on top of that you're gaining the academic knowledge side of it whilst going to college. 

Do you think you learn enough doing an apprentice?

You definitely learn enough doing an apprenticeship, the practical combined with the theory work enables you to not only have the skills manually, but you're also gaining the knowledge of your theory such as regulations and standards. The experience is also key as well so being an apprentice your able to be taught as your out on the job picking up tools and skillsets from different people you work with and the scenarios you come across. 

Would you recommend being an apprentice to your friends? If yes, why?

I would recommend doing an apprenticeship to my friends, as I believe you gain valuable skills throughout your work experience and your college that you will have throughout your life. You're also constantly developing as an individual so you're seeing your skills improving day by day. 
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