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Benefits of an Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships can kick start your career and have multiple benefits including:

- Earning a salary whilst you learn

- Gaining skills, knowledge and behaviours that employers want

- Increasing your future potential earnings

- Mapping your career and possible progression opportunities

- Increased long term job security

- Learning at your own pace

Apprenticeship Wage

Apprenticeship wage is bound by the National Minimum Wage which stipulates the minimum hourly pay that most workers are entitled to by law, many employers pay their apprentices at a higher rate. For more information, on National Minimum Wage click here.

Apprenticeship Discounts

For a small fee, you can obtain a NUS Apprentice Extra card which will give you access to discounted prices with a variety of companies. You can find more information on the NUS card by clicking here.

Applying for an Apprenticeship 

You can search for the most suitable apprenticeship on our Careers page 


Apprenticeships can help you progress further with your career and as they are multi layered, you can start with a level 2 apprenticeship and progress through to degree level and beyond. Speak to our dedicated Employer Engagement Officers to seek independent guidance and support to help you map your career.

Your Apprenticeship

Your course will develop your skills, knowledge and behaviours in a job role. You will engage with an Initial Assessment at the start to capture you current attainment levels and help us plan your learning. Whilst on programme, you may undertake assessments which lead to a qualification and these can be assessed via formal testing, observations and questioning. and a vast range of other methods chosen to suit you. Most of all, you will continue to develop Maths and English skills to promote your professional overall persona.

Need further support?

Don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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