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Introducing James

Skills for Security would like to introduce you all to an incredible young person we had the pleasure of meeting recently.

This is James, a 12 year old student studying at

Pontville School, an independent specialist

school based in Lancashire.


James has a real passion for all things security

and has been working hard over the last 2 years

to learn as much as possible around installation

of systems, products available and has been

creating an MDF board mounted Grade 3 system

including a fog generator.


This incredible young man has blown us all away with his in depth knowledge of the industry and we believe James will go on to have an incredible career in the industry. At just 12 years old James has gone on to plan his route into security and has even began making plans for his future company, which we have no doubt will become a big name in the field.

We decided to invite James into our Warrington centre after first being introduced to him by Managing Director Matt Gilmartin, Concept Smoke Screen Ltd,  to have a look around and talk to our tutors to gain more insight into his knowledge and ability. Quoting Matt, ‘To say I was impressed by James’ knowledge of our industry and technical aptitude is a bit like saying the Queen has been on the throne for a little while. To put it another way, he’s astonishing’.

Alarm 8.jpg

James spent his time in the centre building installing an Intruder alarm with a fog generator and completed the install with minimal support. Skills for Security planned the installation brief for James which was given in advance so James was able to read it over ahead of the installation visit. 


The brief 

The client Skills for Security would like a fog a generator system installing within one of their bays in the practical room of their Warrington training centre.


The purpose of the of the fog generator would be to activate in the event of a break in, which would serve to protect the equipment that is housed within the room.


The client would also like an intruder alarm system installing within the same bay, which will integrate with the fog generator on a cause-and-effect basis.


The fog generator should be setup to activate upon a confirmed intruder alarm activation or the activation of a panic alarm button. The client will require a full handover and demonstration of both systems when the installation is complete.

To find out how the install went check out the video above.

Alarm 2.jpg
Alarm 3 (2).jpg
Alarm 6.jpg
Alarm 1.jpg
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