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Scottish Security officer

What will I learn?

The apprenticeship pathways will cover First Aid, Health & Safety and SIA licence (public space surveillance, door supervisor, security officer) followed by an opportunity to specialise in Public Space Surveillance, Door Supervisor or Security Office. Each of the specialisms will cover the following requirements:

•    Assessing & Controlling risks 
•    Recognise the security needs of stakeholders
•    Identify and assess threats
•    Ensure compliance with regulations and provide device
•    Ensure security of communications and compliance with GDPR
•    Conflict Management
•    Use communication effectively whilst also presenting a professional image
•    Develop interpersonal skills that are accustomed to security operations


Concert Crowd

Skills for Security has launched an apprenticeship for security officers based in Scotland. Starting in 2021, this funded* apprenticeship is your opportunity, whether you’re a security officer starting out or an employer looking to give your officers the most up-to-date training available, to develop the skills and expertise required for the modern, professional security officer.

How do I apply?

To apply for the Security Officer Apprenticeship drop us an email or register your interest here. Induction starts in March and the training will take place in Edinburgh, Glasgow and North Lancashire.

If you're unable to attend at these locations get in touch and we can assist you in finding a provider that suits your needs.

*Funded by Scottish Government

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