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This course has been created using SCQF level 6 (Level 3 equivalent) units used within the SQA apprenticeship framework and National Occupational Standard (NOS), allowing each candidate enrolled onto this course the ability to obtain Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) units in a modular fashion by compiling evidence in an e-portfolio format that will be submitted to a qualified and competent assessor for marking.

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Unit Breakdown

Units delivered throughout the course:
1. Introduction Unit
2. H4GX 04) Survey sites to prepare specifications for electronic security systems
3. H4H5 04) Review drawings to prepare specifications of electronic security systems
4. H4GY 04) Prepare quotations for providing electronic security systems
5. H4H1 04) Make presentations to sell electronic security systems
6. H4H2 04) Negotiate sales of electronic security systems
7. FIA Units for system design fundamentals

With the option of adding on FireQual's BS5839-1 fundamentals at the end of the program.


Each unit provides the candidate with remote training with a industry tutor to detail the criteria, set out the submission requirements, assign additional reading and resources, and set submission deadlines.

Enrolment dates

  • 9th Jan 2023

  • 6th Feb 2023

  • 6th March 2023

Course fees

  • £1250 + VAT for 5 core modules

  • £1500 + VAT for 5 core modules + FireQual Fundamentals

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Please note you will be required to show proof once booking has been made
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