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traineeship: Information for employers

Young people have been amongst the hardest hit by the Covid pandemic. The Government have responded to this by re-launching traineeship programmes, as part of their wider ‘Plan for Jobs agenda’, to help them gain the right skills to get into employment. 
Traineeships were given a major funding boost with Chancellor Rishi Sunak announcing a £111 million funding package with the ambition to triple the number of Traineeship starts to over 30,000 in this academic year.

To support more employers being able to take up this opportunity, the Government recently announced a £1,000 incentive per trainee, up to £90,000 per organisation, to help businesses with the cost of providing a high-quality work placement for a trainee.
This cash incentive can be put towards wages, transport, uniforms, facilities or any other costs incurred by the business or the Trainee.

What is a traineeship?

As a leading national training company Skills for Security has designed a new generation of Traineeships,  providing young people with the necessary tools and training to build a successful career and employers a new source of ready-made talent. A Traineeship combines work preparation training, qualifications.
Skills for Security new Traineeship model is an eight-week programme that combines four weeks of work-preparation training, which includes certificated qualifications, with four weeks of quality work placement, supported by the Skills for Security Traineeship team.

  • 4 weeks of work preparation training 

  • Certificated qualifications

  • Maths, English and digital skills

  • 4 weeks of work placement

  • Placement Coach

  • £1,000 trainee incentive

What are the benefits of Skills for Security’s ‘Train the Nation’ Traineeship programme?

​Traineeships enable organisations to develop a capable and sustainable workforce by bringing in young people who are committed to gaining work-ready skills and they have the advantage of a work experience placement that can meet your business needs.


  • Traineeships allow businesses to access local potential employees to build a talent pipeline for their organisation. With such a broad spectrum of skills currently in the jobs market, an opportunity of work experience for a candidate can be the first step to retraining or trying out a new career. This can play a significant role in a company’s successful recruitment process, providing a ready-made source of talent and helping to fill current and future skills gaps.

  • High calibre candidates – Skills for Security programme is open to those aged 16-18 and candidates can be educated up to level 3, equivalent to A level

  • Strong support from Skills for Security in pre-training and during the work placement to ensure that the traineeship works for the business and the individual

  • Traineeships can help fulfil an organisation’s corporate and social responsibility agenda, supporting outreach and employment opportunities in local communities 

  • Traineeships can be a great foundation for apprenticeships or other employment. With such a diverse range of skills and experience currently looking for work opportunities, this new model is attracting candidates. 

  • Working with trainees can give existing colleagues the chance to develop their coaching and mentoring skills 

  • Skills for Security Traineeships are designed to suit all sectors and industries; they are collaborative programmes and are flexible to offer the best outcomes

  • For candidates, traineeships are a great opportunity to explore a job role and company, to gain the skills that businesses really need and to springboard into a successful career. Recent Government figures  show that 75% of trainees get a job, take up an apprenticeship or go on to further study within six months of completing their programme.


How do companies start a Traineeship programme? 


If you are wondering how a Traineeship programme could support your current or future apprenticeship and other recruitment plans, then please get in touch and we can arrange a quick phone call. The session can be tailored to meet your needs and specific circumstances, so just send an email to and one of our experts will be in touch.


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