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FESS Systems Operative Training 

PRE-ONLINE TRAINING: You will receive a link within 24-48 hours

Cost Breakdown:

£100 - Online Training

£50 - Health and Safety Assessment (only if required)

£50 - FESS Assessment 

*All above costs are +VAT


Once the booking form has been submitted a member of the team will contact you with your invoice and registrations forms. 


The requirements to obtain a Systems Operative ECS Card have changed and you are now required to complete an ECS Fire Emergency and Security Systems (FESS) multiple-choice assessment and ECS H&S assessment to achieve the card. To support this SfS is offering a one-day online training course that aims to upskill engineers so they are ready to take the online multiple-choice FESS assessment.

As part of this, the Fire, Emergency and Security Systems (FESS) industry has identified four occupations for a FESS Systems Operative in Fire Systems, Fire and Security Systems, Security Systems and Fire and Emergency Systems.

To apply for an ECS card as a FESS Systems Operative the applicant must hold a valid ECS Health, Safety, and Environmental (HS&E) assessment plus the pathway-specific FESS assessment for the ECS occupation that is being applied for. The ECS HS&E assessment must be booked and taken separately from the FESS assessment.


For full details of FESS ECS card requirements please see

Each assessment consists of 30 questions across a range of topics relevant to the chosen FESS occupation to be completed in 30 minutes. Each question will require the correct answer to be selected from a choice of four possible answers given. The pass mark is 24 (80%) correctly answered questions. The pathways topics and the detailed assessment criteria are set out later in this document. A separate revision guide for each pathway is available on the ECS website for free download. The guides contain sample questions and candidates are strongly encouraged to study these before undertaking the assessment.

At the assessment:

Before sitting the chosen FESS assessment the delegate must show the following to the invigilator:

  • Photographic identification such as a current passport, photo driving license, or a valid ECS card.

  • National Insurance Number.

  • A valid personal email address (for the assessment result confirmation to be sent to the delegate).

The invigilator will take a photograph of the delegate as evidence that they took the assessment and monitor the delegate during the assessment. The delegate will be informed of their result at the end of the assessment and also will be able to see the correct answers for the assessment taken.


Course Overview:

In this course you will learn for your chosen discipline:



1 Understand risk assessment and method statements for the installation

2 Ability to select (and locate) the correct components for the application



3 Ability to install to the agreed design proposal (specification)

4 Is the system installed to relevant industry standards, codes of practice and legislation

5 Ability to electrically test cables and interconnections

6 Correct programming of the system to meet the design proposal



7 Ability to carry out preventative maintenance to the system in accordance with industry

standards and code of practice

8 Ability to identify & repair faults on a system

9 Correct completion of company maintenance documentation

10 Ability to demonstrate the system to the client or their representative

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